The Universe of Sarro 

Do you know SARRO? If you still don’t know him, then you will soon do, or at least his works, as this man, currently 55 years old, who grew up in the rural region São Paulo in modest conditions, has been more and more approaching the zenith of his remarkable artistic career. Museums are interested in his paintings, and he enjoys high recognition in the five continents. On the last page of this brochure, you can refer to a current summary of his artistic career.

The Universe of Sarro comprises characters, rural workers who, in his paintings, occupy most of the screen. Hard work is characterized by arms, legs, hands and feet with exaggerated dimensions, as well as by strong faces; but the whole painting, almost always with animals and musical instruments, causes a mild effect, multicolored and harmonic. His colors and tints are typical of South America – his work can be especially compared with that of Portinari, being influenced  by the Mexican Rivera and by Picasso. The several phases of Sarro’s work are characterized by their tints, as well as by milder or harder facial expressions.

Sarro also expresses the universe of his characters in monumental forms, such as in concrete sculptures or in large frescoes. The technique that he employs consists in an own process. After finishing the basic models, elements of complementary colors make the sculptures to look like they were made of bronze, or, as the case may be, in other colors. The works receives a protection coating made of a special varnish, thus acquiring an especially nice brightness, and all that at a much lower cost than works made of bronze or granite.

Sarro has been developing, tailor-made, projects with the most varied themes, for public places or for corporate parcels or private homes artistically decorated, which will be executed on the very place.

Sarro’s work, paintings and sculptures, have been conceived with a lot of creativity and absolute category, and are bound to occupy their rightful place in the world history of arts.

Now, we will be able to see some current paintings and sculptures by the artist.



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